Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wadin' and Buzzin'

My spousling, Terry, took these while I was wading about a week ago across from the house. 15 fish on the morning, and it was great to be in my waders again. If you have never wade fished, this can be a great way to enjoy your local pond or lake inlet. Just take care of your footing. lol

El Grande Lures - Boom r Ang

El Grande Lures has released the Boom r Ang. This Fred Roumbanis designed lure is taking the world's waters by storm, along with the saltwater version released this past week. The color patterns available will Match just about any forage fish from shiners to Tilapia, and beyond. To see the entire color lineup and get yours today, visit and tell em Allen sent you!

Columbia's Omni Heat Squall Line

Big boats and big weather patterns mean one thing - you better be bringing home a big catch. The Omni-Heat™ Squall Line™ Parka features our hardest working cold and wet weather technologies to keep you comfortable and in the game no matter what kind of storm in on the horizon. Low-profile thermal reflective lining boosts heat retention by 20% without adding bulk to keep you super mobile and seriously warm in rough conditions. The Omni-Tech™ waterproof breathable and fully seam sealed exterior battens down the hatches, locking the elements out while allowing body heat and moisture to escape so you stay perfectly comfortable and dry. The Squall Line™ is interchange compatible so you can use it with any of your existing Columbia Interchange linings.

Omni-Heat™: With the introduction of our Omni-Heat™ thermal reflective technology, we’ve raised the game for hardcore fisherman in search of weather-defying performance. By retaining and reflecting body heat, this innovative thermoregulation solution delivers industry-leading comfort without adding unnecessary bulk, so you can bait, cast, and reel your way through every weather pattern.

 Omni-Heat™ Thermal Reflective

 Omni-Tech™ waterproof/breathable fully seam sealed

 Interchange compatible

 Suggested Retail: $250 - Parka, $220 – Bib

 Available in Sail Red, Black, Azul, and Timberwolf

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

StrikeWorks under new Ownership

Let me introduce myself, my name is Darrin Toney, and I am the new owner of StrikeWorks. I will continue on with the same quality jigs that StrikeWorks is known for. I am a life long fisherman with a background in both Saltwater and Freshwater. I look forward to meeting and serving the StrikeWorks Community! Our online store will be closed for a few days while we get things set up and transfered over, please bear with us during this transition. If you need to order some jigs, please feel free to email me and I will take care of you!
Thank you for visiting StrikeWorks Tackle Company. Our goal is to offer you a variety of bass catching lures to meet the diverse conditions found all across the country. We offer a wide selection of proven color combinations to entice even the most finicky of bass. All baits are made with black nickel Mustad Ultra Point hooks and have a durable, high-quality glitter finish. StrikeWorks is continually testing and developing products to keep you within reach of the best catch of your life. We truly enjoy the world of bass fishing and want to give you the chance to enjoy it too. Try a StrikeWorks jig today and see what you've been missing!

We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with The Bud Light Trail as a new Sponser. Look for us at all the Bud Light Trail Events. If you see us, stop by and say hi.

Vicious Fishing - Pro Elite Fluorocarbon

Pro Elite Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

PRO ELITE Fluorocarbon Line:

•Made with superior resins

•Level Wind Technology

•Abrasion resistant

•Low Memory

•Low Stretch


•GREAT VALUE in a 100% super Fluorocarbon Line

•Available in 200, 500, and 800 yd spools

•Sizes 4# -25# test

Vicious Fishing introduces the Pro Elite Fluorocarbon. This has to be one of the best fluoro's I have ever used. Suple, not as stiff, and glides off the reel. Has the strength to stand up to heavy cover and virtually vanishes in the water. Try some for yourself as it is available at many tackle shops and major sports retailers. Or visit and tell em Allen sent you!

HatCams signs Iaconelli

Hatcams LLC is excited to announce that they will team up in 2011 with Professional Angler and host of City Limits Fishing on the Versus Network, Mike Iaconelli. Known for his signature scream after catching a fish, Mike Iaconelli embodies the enthusiasm of a young, passionate fisherman. He will be the official face of Hatcams and use the technology to give his fans a unique peek into the life of a professional bass fisherman.

Mike will film behind-the-scenes footage of his travels, tournaments and leisure fishing time, as well as incorporate Hatcams clips into a new web-a-series show and later a full-production TV show called “Going Ike.”

This “reality tv” type of interaction with his fans is like nothing any other pro fisherman has done before – and for good reason. Hatcams provides users, like Mike, with a means of filming situations that could never have been filmed before; from a perspective never seen before.

HatcamsTM, a start-up company founded by Randy Peterson, an avid fisherman and hunter himself, has re-invented the idea of hands-free filming with a simple patent-pending universal mount located on the brim of a baseball-style hat.

The mount fits all tripod compatible cameras and pocket camcorders, allowing for budget-friendly, easy, first-person-point-of-view recording that is already revolutionizing filming in the fishing and hunting industries.

Because Hatcams free up hands, more time can be spent fishing instead of focusing or adjusting for that perfect shot. Could fish tales now be a thing of the past? With Hatcams, fishermen (and fisherwomen) of all ages and skill levels can bring back their own real-life incredible stories to share with family and friends.

Says Peterson of their partnership with Iaconelli; “We know what a powerful, positive impact this product is going to make on fishing, and Mike shares these feelings. He is excited to help us deliver this message throughout the fishing community, as only he can."

Quoted from Wired to Fish interview with Randy Peterson, Owner, HatCams.

HatCams - Camera Heads

HatCams has a new promotion. The Camera Heads! What you do is send in your video to HatCams and they will publish it. From there you can receive discounts, T-shirts, and other goodies AND have your video seen by over 100,000 different people. Please visit for all the details.

The Rod Glove

Have I told you about The Rod Glove? This product is a protective sleeve that fits over the rod from tip to hook keeper. You can now store your rods in your rod locker or tow vehicle without having them intertwine with each other. You know how the bumps and wakes make everything vibrate and the rods get together, bending eyes, popping inserts, and basically making it difficult to pick one rod out at a time. With the Rod Glove this will end. No more tangles! They have a great selection of colors and offer tags for rod specific techniques that will fit over The Rod Glove. Also coming out are line wraps to keep your lures from getting snagged. To see the video, simply click on the title, and visit the Rod Glove www,

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Top Water White Bass

Terry and I hit Thomas lake on Lake Livingston early one morning and got into a school of White Bass. They were hitting our small buzz baits and some of them were of fair size. Terry caught a nice one. Here's a short video of the trip. Just click on the title to see the video.

Top Water Buzzin'

Walked across the street the other day with my HatCam to see if there was a top water bite. Found that there was! Working the bulkheads is sometimes very productive, whether you are fishing top water or pitching plastics. Try to work along the bulkhead instead of working out from it. The closer you can work the wall, the better. Just click on the title to see the video.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

El Grande Lures Releases New Hatch-Match sticks

El Grande Lures’ Triple-Laminate Hatch-Match Sticks
Revolutionize Soft-Bait Manufacturing

The perfect lure just got an upgrade!

Forage fish eaten by black bass have three primary colors, a fact reflected in the lifelike patterns of today’s crankbaits, jigs, spinnerbaits and swimbaits. Until recently, however, soft-plastic lures such as stickbaits and jerkbaits could not be mass-produced to duplicate these three-color patterns. That’s all changed with a revolutionary triple-lamination process developed by El Grande Lures of Linton, Indiana that’s now used in manufacturing the company’s 5-1/4-inch, soft-plastic Hatch-Match Sticks.

“The triple-laminate colors produced by El Grande Lures in their Hatch-Match Sticks are unparalleled in the injected-plastic market,” says Texas bass pro Kurt Dove. “As a professional angler/guide at Lake Amistad, I’m always looking for an edge on my competition or a way to help my clients catch lots of fish. The triple-laminate colors of the Hatch-Match Stick have made a huge difference in my catch rates. The fish have just not seen colors in plastic baits this realistic and they can’t resist them! El Grande’s triple-laminate colors are the most lifelike match to baitfish ever produced in soft-plastic baits.”

EL Grande Lures, owned by Jay D. Schurtz, started as a handpour company creating plastics for giant bass in Mexico and southern U.S. states. Early on, Jay began perfecting a triple-lamination process in soft plastics to more closely match common bass forage such as tilapia, bluegills and langostinos. Demand for these triple laminates far outpaced the available time to create them, so El Grande expanded into the injected-plastics market and brought triple lamination of full round baits into the current marketplace.

“For the angler looking for the competitive edge, this is it,” says FLW Tour Pro Angler Chad Morgenthaler. ”No more settling for common or bland color schemes that leave anglers wondering, ‘What does this imitate?’ and ‘Why would a fish bite it?’ With its new triple-laminate color schemes, El Grande Lures has taken good baits and made them exceptional. They’ve changed forever the way anglers will view and use soft plastics.”

“El Grande already created the ultimate soft stickbait with the Hatch-Match Stick,” says Elite Pro Angler Fred Roumbanis. ”Now they’re the first to add real life appeal with three shades that match actual prey, as well as the true action of an injured baitfish.”

El Grande’s 5-1/4-inch Hatch-Match Sticks are available in seven triple-laminate colors: Bluegill, Baby Bass, Bonita Shad, Catalpa, Tilapia, Perch, Threadfin. The triple-laminate process will be used to produce additional lures in 2011. For more info, visit

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Rod Glove

The Rod Glove is proud to supply the Fishing Industry with a 100% North American made fishing rod covers.

The Rod Glove will protect the investment that you have made in your fishing rods, making them last longer and keep them looking great!!

All the material and the labor to assemble this fishing rod cover comes from right here in North America!

This is one great product for any fisherman. We all have some high dollars tied up in our rod selections and the rod glove offers the protection needed to keep those rods in great working order. No more tangled up rods coming out of the rod locker or tow vehicle, nno more bent eyes from pulling th rods apart from each other. The glove slides on and down over the guides, stopping just short of the hook keeper, and comes off just as easily when you are ready for the rod. With all of the colors available you can even color code your rods and know which is which just from the color of the glove. New tags are being developed to add rod specific notes to your cranking, worm, frog, etc. This is one fine product and I invite you to visit

El Grande Signs Roumbanis


For Immediate Release
October 1st, 2010

Bixby, OK- Today, El Grande Lures of Linton, Indiana announced that Fred Roumbanis, an Elite Series pro from Bixby, Oklahoma, has joined the company's pro-staff.

The timing is perfect. With several new products on the schedule to be released in the next few months, the partnership with Roumbanis adds incredible presence to El Grande Lures. Roumbanis joins Chad Morgenthaler and Kurt Dove on El Grande's team of pro anglers. El Grande's line up of quality soft plastic lures, should give Roumbanis the confidence and edge he needs to be a strong contender on his rigorous schedule of bass fishing tournaments.

“As a touring professional angler, I know how important it is to catch big fish. It’s not about the number of fish… it’s all about the size of the fish. That’s why I’ve teamed up with El Grande Lures, a company dedicated to catching giant bass. “
-Fred “Boom Boom” Roumbanis

El Grande's owner, Jay Schurz, said the following: " We are extremely pleased that Fred Roumbanis has chosen to partner with El Grande Lures. Fred will be involved in marketing, product design, and working with our partners and staff in South Africa as well as the US and Mexico. We chose to partner with Fred Roumbanis because he is obviously a great fisherman, has superior work ethic, is very personable, and understands what we are striving to do here at El Grande Lures. We look forward to many years of working with Fred and will assist Fred in any way we can to help him achieve his professional goals.

El Grande Lures Currently has 4 products in it's lineup with others to be released shortly:

- The Gila Monster, an 8 3/4" lizard that can be Carolina Rigged, Texas Rigged, or fished weightless.
- The El Grande Tube, a flipping tube meant to handle the toughest cover.
- The El Grande Sapo, a 4", soft plastic toad that churns the water like a buzzbait.
- The Hatch-Match Stick, a 5", cigar shaped stick bait that can be fished wacky, Texas Rigged, or Carolina Rigged.

All four lures are available in standard colors as well as pattern unique to EL Grande Lures.

El Grande Lures is a soft plastics company, owned by international fisherman, Jay D. Schurz. Schurz has spent over 20 years chasing giant largemouth bass around the globe and brings his experiences to the design of El Grande Lures.

For More information about El Grande Lures go to
For more information about Fred Roumbanis go to

Thursday, September 16, 2010

An Update Since ICAST

After my return from ICAST, I became very ill. No appetite. Dropped about 20 pounds, and for those of you that know me personally, I don't have 20 lbs to loose. Energy level dropped to zero and I literally thought I was dying. Then my distance vision went south and a trip to the eye doctor showed a cataract that had to come out. But that is later on so I won't ramble on it right now. lol
Well, I have had just about every medical test known and still do not have an answer as to what caused my weight loss and all of the other symptoms I had. What I did do was take two of Terry's laxatives and after that I felt better. Makes you wonder doesn't it. lol Spent around 2k on test, when I could have been cured for 2.95. Appetite has improved, I'm back at work, and my energy is slowly coming back. This is why you haven't seem much from me over the last few months. I'm very anxious to get back on the water doing what I love and that's BASS FISHING!
The cataract surgery was a success and right now I do not have to wear glasses but to read. Let me tell you to take good care of your eyes. Glaucoma took my right eye back in 1986 and I have done all I do with just my left since them. Go see your optometrist at least once a year and make sure they check the pressure in your eyes. Anything over twenty needs attention. Medical science has vastly improved over the cataract surgery as they didn't even put me out during the operation. No stitches, no pain and best of all I can see again.
Well, I've gone on long enough and like I said, I'm looking to be back in the swing of things soon so stay tuned. Good luck and good fishing!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

HatCams at ICAST

The Camera Heads in Las Vegas

At ICAST, the HatCams gang made quite a showing. Not only did we have a great booth location, but everywhere we went with our HatCams on, people were asking questions. It was a great show and experience. We made lots of great contacts and some friends along the way as well. One fellow we met dubbed us "The Camera Heads" and it stuck. Could be a cult following? Are you a Camera Head? If not visit and see what all the fuss is about.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Z-Bone from Kistler Rods

Well, we had a blast at ICAST and i was fortunate to be in a booth right across from Kistler Rods. I was able to interview Trey Kistler on the new Z-Bone rod, which on a scale of one to ten weighs a minus 2. This has to be the lightest fishing rod I have ever held in my hand. It is all American made as Kister teamed up with the legendary Gary Loomis to develope the composites for the new rods. Here's the interview. Enjoy!, and as Kistler says "Fishing never felt so good"

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oak Ridge Marinia and Campground - Lake Fork, TX

If you are planning a trip to Lake Fork, let me put a bug in your ear. Oak Ridge Marina has everything you would need to make your trip memorable, comfortable, and enjoyable. The new Owners, Barry and Tracy Hatton, are working wonders with the property. The restaurant is totally remodeled, and on one wall is a Murial with a photograph showing an area on Lake Fork. Yes, a photograph. The property boast 35 RV sites, as well as tent sites. There is a long courtesy dock which extends far enough out to accommodate any water craft. There is a large two lane boat ramp, and stalls for storing your craft while you are there. The stalls have all the amenities, with electric for charging batteries, down to a fish cleaning area to prepare your daily catches. If you aren't into RV-ing, there is a hotel on the property with 12 good sized rooms. All are double occupancy rooms, with enough area to store your rods, tackle boxes, and luggage and still give you enough room to move around. They have several guides that work with them to put visitng bass fishermen on some serious fish. The tackle shop is being revamped and should be fully operational by fall. once completed there would be nowhere else that you would need to venture to find anything else for your trip. There is also a lodge that sleeps 16 and a meeting room as they can assist you in hosting a tournament. You can visit Oak Ridge online at , Come visit with these fine folks as they will treat you so many ways you are bound to like one of them. Here's an overview of the property.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Uses for Bow to Stern Protectant

Here's a short video I did for Bow to Stern Protectant. The uses for this product go on and on. I treated my boat seats with BTS at the beginning of the season and have had no issues with fading, or mildew at all. It will act as a water repellant for your boat carpet and make golf carts and yard equipment shine like new. Dirt and grime wash off with a garden hose. Bugs on bumpers? Just watch!

Friday, May 14, 2010

El Grande Lures Hatch-Match Series Released!

The Hatch-Match Stick is a 5 1/4" soft plastic, salted stick bait. The profile is cigar shaped and covered in lifelike scales. The Hatch-Match Stick is soft, but yet very durable and scented with El Grande Tequila. Many additional colors to be released soon. Our staff begged to do an early release on this bait in three primary colors as it has been responsible for huge catches of fish during the test phase. The Hatch Match series of lures is just begining with more new and innovative lures coming this year from El Grande. This is a great lure for T-rigging or C-riggin and can be thrown weightless or weighted. I would suggest using a 4/0 or 5/0 EWG hook with these lures. This has worked very well for me and is just a suggestion. You can't see the quality of these lures in a photo, but oncce you get them in your hand, on your hook, and the the fish's mouth, you'll see exactly what we are talking about.

The Hatch-Match, along with the Sapo (toad), new EGL tubes, and the Gila Monster (lizard) are taking the countries waters by storm. I'm getting testimonials everyday about catches, tournament placing, etc. off of EGL lures. The colors and durability of these plastics, IMO, are of the finest I've ever fished, and I invite you to visit us at and tell em, Allen sent you.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mike's Original Recipe is now available to everyone. This product has been around since 1985, but never really marketed until now. Check out for all the info. Garlic, Licorice, Koffee, and other scents are available from Mike's. If you would like to get some, just contact me and I'll be glad to place your order. I have used these scents with good sucess, and have used them on all types of lures. For me it has really been effective on spinnerbait skirts and plastics. If you are interested in joining Mike's staff, just send me your email address and I'll let mike know. Here's a short Video of what this product can do!

El Grande Lures signs Kurt Dove

I would like to Welcome Kurt Dove, from Del Rio, TX, to the El Grande Lures Staff as a Professional Angler. I have had my eye on Kurt for several months as he has built a stellar career around his abilities as both a professional bass fisherman and full-time South Texas Fishing Guide. I look forward to personally working with Kurt in the design of our plastics.

Kurt Dove, a fulltime tournament fisherman and a premier Southwest Texas bass guide on Lake Amistad and Falcon Lake, has signed an agreement to promote El Grande Lures.

"I am thrilled to get the opportunity to promote and extend the awareness of the El Grande Lures brand. I know the baits work very well down here in south Texas and I look forward to using them with my guide clients as well as on the tournament trails.

"The unique triple laminate color patterns are on the leading edge in the soft plastics industry and gives any fisherman an extra edge over the competition and the fish."

"I look forward to the opportunities of adding my ideas into the design of new El Grande products as the company continues to grow."

Sunday, February 14, 2010

El Grande Lures Starts New Program

El Grande Lures is currently seeking Field Staff in all 50 states. This is an entry level position and no selling is required. This is going to be a great program for those interested in starting their fishing career or gaining another "sponsor" for their current fishing level. Depending on activity, the Field Staff will be reviewed after their first year with the company for possible promotion to Pro Staff. If you are interested in more information, send an email outlining your fishing experience to and I'll send you the information. Field Staff will be entitled to a 30% discount on all items from ,which is a spin-off of El Grande's main website. A wide variety of products will be offered here, and new items included frequently as this site is still under construction. El Grande will be adding new lures which will debut at the Classic in Feb. and ICAST in July. This is a great opportunity for all levels of anglers, so let me hear from you soon.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

El Grande Signs Morgenthaler


February 2, 2010

Coulterville, IL – Today El Grande Lures of Linton, Indiana announced that Chad Morgenthaler, an FLW Tour pro from Coulterville, Illinois, has joined the company’s pro-staff.

The timing couldn’t be better. With FLW Tour season about to commence on Louisiana’s Red River, Morgenthaler is on the hunt for monster bass. Fortunately, El Grande’s products should give him the edge he needs. The company’s lures are most frequently used on the big bass factories of Texas and Louisiana, but they’ll work anywhere that trophy bass swim.

“I’m really excited about the opportunity to work with a great soft plastics company like El Grande Lures,” Morgenthaler said. “I hope to play an instrumental part in helping to brand and market their products as they broaden and expand their business plan. It is always an honor to be included in the design process while a company ‘tweaks’ their products to maximize their effectiveness.”

El Grande’s owner, Jay Schurz, said the following: “We are excited about this partnership as Chad will be instrumental in working directly with me in product design. Chad fully understands our niche in the market, which is creating big soft plastics with industry leading color schemes. We look forward to many years of working with Chad and hope to be an integral part of helping Chad achieve his goals."

El Grande Lures currently has three products in its lineup:
The Gila Monster, an 8 ¾ inch lizard that can be Carolina rigged or Texas rigged;
The El Grande Tube, a flipping tube meant to handle the toughest cover and fish around; and
El Grande Sapo, a soft plastic toad that churns the water like a buzzbait.
All three lures are available in standard colors as well as some patterns unique to El Grande.

For more information about El Grande Lures, go to
For more information about Chad Morgenthaler, go to

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Be a Donor

Well, Terry and I have been at our yearly In-Service (school) this week and today 11-12-09, we had a guest speaker. Ms. Hope Guidry-Groves with the "Be a Match" Foundation talked to us about donating bone marrow. Her story touched Terry and I so deeply that we signed up on the spot. If you have known, or have had someone in your family affected by any of the blood related Cancers, you would appreciate the activities of this organization. They keep the DNA profiles of over 7 million people on file and this data base is constantly searching its files for matches relating to bone marrow transplants. Donors must match 10 points on the DNA to be selected as a possible match for someone needing the transplant. It doesn't cost you a penny to join this database nor does it cost you if you are selected. The organization will pay for everything related to your donor ship. The marrow you donate could be what saves another person's life, and gives them back the time they would have lost with family, children, etc. A small amount of pain, (after the donation) to me is a small price to pay to give someone their life back. I will be posting a link to this website in the LINKS portion of my site, so please visit them and sign up. You never might be someone you love or care about that will need your marrow to save their life.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Toyota Tundra Classic w/ HatCams

From October 16th to October 18th I was at Lake Conroe with the HatCams Gang at the Toyota Tundra Bass Classic. This was a great expo and tournament, and Toyota really put on a good show. There were numerous booths and exhibits ranging from Insurance to water safety, jewelry to sunglasses and all types of fishing equipment, lures, rods and boats. I was in the booth with HatCams. This is a new company that has a great new product. Randy Peterson, the owner, patented a tripod camera mount on a cap. This in turn holds a pocket camcorder. This unique combination allows the user to video without having to hold a video camera in their hands. ANYTHING you would want to record, where you need both hands free, this product is the ticket. You can find Randy and HatCams at and I invite you to check them out. The uses for this product are endless as Randy told me that they have videos coming in to their site that include, fishing, hunting, instructionals on how to do different things, and folks just playing with the kids. I use this product myself to video lure demos. HatCams offers two different cameras on their website, but any small pocket camcorder will work as long as it has a tripod mount on the bottom.

Getting back to the Expo, Evan Williams was on hand, as was Dick's Sporting good, but overall I was impressed with the Charity that the PAA and Toyota were donating to with the proceeds. The Catch a Dream Foundation makes dreams come true for terminally ill children who have a love for hunting, fishing, and other field related sports. These fine folks will schedule a hunting or fishing trip for these kids, hook them up with an outfitter or guide, and give them the opportunity to hunt and fish for trophies as this might be the last time they would ever get to have an adventure of this magnitude. As I was talking to Mr. Marty Brunson, with the foundation, I got to thinking about someone I knew that had a child that passed away without ever getting to do any of the things he might have wanted to do. Please visit their website, and if you could anyway assist this organization, do not hesitate in contacting Mr. Brunson.
Over all the show was a success. Met a lot of very fine people and I am proud to say that I am now also sponsored by Fish Eyes Sunglasses as a result of this show. I already have a link to them on the site here, so check them out for all your sunglasses needs. I'm already looking forward to next year.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Poly Wog Frog action

I just can't seem to say enough about the Poly Wog Frog from Vicious Fishing. If you like frog fishing, and I do, you can't go wrong with this little frog from Vicious. The color combos are Watermelon Red, Green pumpkin/ white, Bullfrog, and Black/ yellow. These and all other Vicious products can be seen at I rig these frogs on a 4/0 or 5/0 frog hook with a hitch hiker. My hook of choice is either Gammy or Owner. Hope you enjoy.

El Grande Lures Gila Monster

This is the El Grande Lures Gila Monster. It is an 8-3/4" paddle tail lizard that is perfectly symetrical. There is no flat side as is found on other lizards. This lure can be Texas rigged, Carolina rigged, fished weighted, or weightless. I recomend using a 5/0 or 6/0 EWG hook when fishing this lure. Braided lline is also a must for the durability and strength needed to pull "horse" a fish out of heavy cover. You'll see what I mean in the video as I get wrapped up by a good size fish. This lure currently comes in 4 colors. Watermelon/red flake, Black/Blue flake, Green pumpkin/Black flake, and Motor Oil. There will be more colors to come. The Gila is going to be a great lure to utilize during the spawn. Drop this lure in a bed and get ready to hang on!

Gila Monster vs Blue Heron

This is a comical short video. I was demonstrating the El Grande Lures Gila Monster and a Blue Heron was standing in the water close to where I was fishing. The rest is history.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vicious Poly Wog Frog

This is a video of how to fish the Vicious Poly Wog Frog. I like these frogs over the Ribbit as I feel they give more gurgle on the leg action than the Ribbit does. There is no hook slot on the back of the frog, but simply an indention that allows the hook to lay flat on the frog's back. I have not missed a hookup using the frogs, where I would miss hooksets while using the Ribbit, and IMO, this is due to the hook slot that is on the back of the Ribbit being too tight.. Hope you enjoy the video.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Magee's Sporting Goods

If you ever find yourself in Groveton, TX, go to the intersection of US Hwy 287 and State Hwy 94. There you will find Magee's Grocery, Sporting Goods, and Liquor. The folks at Magee's are just good down home people, and the Owner, Jenny Magee, has been in business at the same location for over 34 years. I spent the day Saturday,03-28-09, helping Jenny get her lure selection in order and stocked one complete wall with El Grande Lures and Minda Lures. Don't let the size of the store fool you. They have a little of everything that you would need for your campsite, fishing trip, hunting trip, or the Saturday night party. Whatever your fishing needs from seines and trot lines to current bass fishing lures and supplies, you can find it here at Magee's. Jenny is really working with different distributors to stock a well rounded sporting goods inventory to fit the season. We are planning on hosting some seminars and lure demonstrations in the near future and hope to draw folks to the area as Magee's is right in the middle of the big three, Sam Rayburn, Lake Livingston, and Lake Conroe. Other places to fish around this area include White Rock Creek, Neches River, Angelina River, Harmon Creek, Trinity River, and numerous smaller lakes and private ponds. So whether it's taking the kids perch jerking, or a serious bass tournament you are going to, Magee's will have the last minute items that you need to round out your trip.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Triggerfish - by Think Tank Lures

I saw this lure at the Classic Expo. Their booth was right next to the Minda Booth. I should have picked up a few then, but busy as I was and I do suffer from sometimer's disease (CRS), that I just forgot to. Hopefully by the time this post is done their website will be up and running. Be the first to get a few of these as I think they are going to be one of the lures to watch in 2009.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Florida Bassin

As told by Barry Weaver, El Grande Lures Pro Staff:
We kicked off our club tournament today (02-28-09) on Lake Kerr in Ocala National Forest here in Central FL., and it was a blast. 28 boats and lots of monster fish caught. First place as Daniel Thompson with 18.3, second was Ernie Thompson with 18.1 (this boy is third right now in the BFL, he's on fire), and the team of Barry (me) and Kevin Guinn came in third with 14.5, Big fish of the tournament was a monster 10.15 caught by Ernie. Our big fish was an 8.15 which we really worked for. We found a creek out of the wind, which was loaded with beds and bucks. After taking the bucks off the beds, we headed to the back of the creek and turned around to see if any momma's had moved up. Well, we found a 5 lbr on one which we messed with for about 30 min. with no luck. While we were wessing with that fish we saw another hog move up onto another bed about 30 yards up. This would be our 8.15. I tried a BB Cricket and thought she was going to eat it, but she would just pick it up by the weight and spit it out of the bed. Then the lizard, same thing. Finally tried a Langostino that I got from Jay at I flipped it past the bed and drug it real slow into the bed. She looked at it and rolled on it. She picked it up by the head and I thought she would just spit it out like the others. Well, right when she got to the edge of the bed with it, IT DISAPPEARED!!!! She sucked the whole dang thing up in one gulp! Set the hook and in the live well!!!! It was kinda nice thinking we had it won most of the day. Our's is the guy in the yellow shirt.

The slideshow below are the photos Barry sent along with this story.

Bassin Florida style

Friday, January 2, 2009

KaRu Vibraspin Video

This is the KaRu Vibraspin in action. For those of you that like a slow rolling spinnerbait, this is the lure for you. I've cught several good fish using this lure. Comes in a multitude of color cobos.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

More Minda Lures Video

These next vids show the "Spearworm", "Injured Minda" strikes, and the crankbait skirts.

Injured Minda - New Top Water Lure Video

This is a video of the "Injured Minda" manufacutered by Minda lures. This lure is tied to the tail through the lure body making the aciton of this lure very unique. Walks through cover and can be utilized stationary or slow walked.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Companies Represented

El Grande Lures is a LLC that specializes in innovative plastics. These lures are the brainchild of Mr. Jay Schurz, who is the company President. Although he designed these lures to be fished in Mexican waters, they have proven their effectiveness in American waters from coast to coast, and in other parts of the globe as well. Since becoming involved with El Grande Lures, the quality of the bass I'm catching has gone up considerably. El Grande Lures has also developed a method of creating TRI-LAMINATE plastics which is a three color plastic to match forage fish found in various waters. This is available now in the Hatch-Match sticks and will be added in lures that will be coming in 2011, also. The photos on the website really do not do these plastics justice and it is not until you hold them in your hand and get them on your hook that you will see the quality for yourself. Please visit and try some of the quality plastics that this company has to offer. Tell em, Allen sent you!

Kistler Custom Fishing Rods has been building rods for many years now. The revolutionary design in the new Z-Bone line is a must for every serius angler on the water. Kistler offers a length, action, and price range to suit any and all angler's needs. From the Carbon Steel to the Z-bone, the Kistler line of rods are made of quality materials, excellent guides and reel seats, light weight, extrememly sensitive, and have a feel like no other you will hold in your hand or put a hook on. {;ease visit for the full line up af quality rods, apparel, and other goodies for your tackle box and boat. As Kistler says.................."Fishing never felt so good"

Whether it's a Jig, Vibrashock, or Spinner you are looking for, look no further, it's here at KaRu Lures. Their "Vibrashock" has landed many a great fish for me. They have numerous jigs to choose from including the football heads, that are popular among many jig fishermen. Our mission is to offer you, the angler, a quality product and experience made by fishermen, for fishermen. Our company motto is: "Fish Hard, Rest When Your Dead!" These are more than just words, it’s a way of life for us. Our Pro Staff knows that in order to win, you need to have drive, and you need equipment to match that drive. We are fishermen first and a tackle company second. We develop products for ourselves and if they are good enough for our own needs, then, and only then, we will offer them to you, the consumer. After all, if we wouldn't use them, why should you? Please visit

Mike's Original Recipe has been around since 1985. It is more than just a scent, but a lubricant to aid your lures in gliding through cover, skim across the surface, and leave a trail of fish attractant in the water behind them as you retrieve. Give the lure a good soaking with Mike's and watch your quality and quantity of catches grow. Several scents and offered by Mike's in different size bottles. Garlic, Licorice and Koffee just to name three that hae already been probing themselves around the US and Canada. Please cisit for the full story on Mike's Original Recipe..........and tell em, Allen sent you! Mike's is also looking for good folks to put on his staff, so if you are a die hard like myself, click on the pro staff info section and see if you fit the bill.

Minda Lures, Inc. was established in 2004 to design and produce innovative fishing products that will enhance fishing effectiveness and fun. John Guerin is president of Minda Lures, Inc. and has been an avid fisherman for almost 40 years. His philosophy of taking a product you already own and making it better led to the creation of the Crank Bait Tail™ and the Injured Minda™, for which he is the sole developer. Watch for more of his innovating products in the near future.To see these lures in action visit

Whatever the situation, whatever the water clarity, whatever the season, when you need quality fishing line, monofilament, fluorocarbon, braid or just a good all purpose line, go to Vicious Fishing. Vicious is a family owned company out of Dora, AL that manufacture great fishing line of all types. I feel fortunate to be on the Vicious Fishing Team, and be associated with this fine company. They also have lures, accessories, and a line of apparel that is hard to beat. Please visit and download the 2009 catalog for your next line purchase.

The AZUMA team has been assembled to develop products in all tackle categories and is comprised of owner and innovator, Dickie Herbst, who previously served as the idea man and owner of XTOOLS. Larry Tankersley, Director of Sales will head up the sales team; recently he served as the National Account Manager for Shakespeare Fishing Tackle responsible for Wal-Mart, Cabelas, Sportsman’s Warehouse & Meijer. Bill Kimrey, Director of Product Development also comes from Shakespeare Fishing Tackle where he served as a Product Manager for spin casting reels, packaged fishing kits, women’s products and licensed kids’ kits. Melissa Link who owns Savvy Cats Design & Marketing and previously handled marketing for XTOOLS, will serve as Director of Operations & Marketing. Please visit

Secret Weapon revolutionized spinnerbait fishing to save you space, time, weight, and money.
Secret Weapon precision hand-crafted spinnerbaits combine in-line spinning lures’ enticing sound and flash with the snag-resistant qualities of the safety-pin frame. Because each Secret Weapon Spinnerbait moves and sounds different in the water, its unique acoustic signature attracts more bass, musky, northern pike, redfish, snook, and other predatory fresh- and saltwater species than other spinnerbaits. Not only do they manufacture Spinner's, but also have an excellent line of Buzzbaits and the patented "Recoil Rig". Click here to check them out

Our hatcam is great for the angler who wants to relive their fishing experience with first person video footage. Capture every classic fishing moment - from the catch of a life time to the big one that got away. Pictures in your fishing reports will be a thing of the past. With the hatcam kit, you will be able to report the fish of the day exactly as you had experienced it. Post the video reports on your favorite forum. Put the videos up on Youtube. Email them to friends. Give the hat cam a try and you will never fish without it again! Visit

Thank you for looking at our product line. The Tornado worm is constructed in a manner to where it has an action like no other soft plastic worm. We have a built-in rattle chamber in the tail so that the fishermen can easily insert a rattle without damaging the worm. This rattle chamber can be left empty and it will create an air pocket that will add extra buoyancy to the tail.
When rigged on a Texas rig, the worm will stand completely vertical. When rigged on a Carolina rig, the worm will float off of the bottom. This will be deadly when fishing those deep grass beds or trees. Put it on a shakey head and watch out!
We have used a special formula on our plastic that not only allows the worm to stand straight up and down or even float off of the bottom, but also makes it tough enough to hold up to all those fish you catch. A lot of competitor's products tear up with only one fish, costing the fishermen a lot of money. These worms are tough and you will love not having to put a new worm on each time you catch a fish. Visit to see the complete product line.

Bow to Stern protectant is a revolutionary new product that will protect not only your boat, but other items around your home. Use it on your golf cart to not only make it shine, but give it a protection from dirt fand weather. Outdoor equipment such as riding mowers can benefit as well. BTS Protectant’s polymer technology leaves no chalky build-up like waxes that require application in the shade and during cool temperatures and can be applied in direct sunlight with minimal effort. Unlike spray and shine preparations that suggestion application after every outing, BTS will provide superior protection with occasional use. Regular cleaning is made easy with BTS and without the need for other cleaning products. Once applied, the special "polymers" seal and protect the treated surfaces, allowing for an easy wipe down with a damp cloth. BTS can be used to protect and beautify virtually all surfaces including fiberglass, gel coat, plastic, metal, carpet, vinyl, leather, painted surfaces and wood. BTS is ideal for keeping vinyl upholstery soft, supple and looking “showroom” new for years. Gel coat staining from engine exhaust, as well as spider-dropping stains are a thing of the past with the regular use of BTS. BTS adds a water and soil repellent finish to boat covers and canvas. Plastic windows will stay clearer and last years longer with BTS protection. Check out and tell em Allen told you to drop by.

KVD Line and Lure Conditioner is a product that will give tired old line that zip again. Here's what it can do for you:

Cast 20% further.......guaranteed!
Virtually eliminates line memory, backlash, tangles, and twists
Restores new line performance to old tired line
Fights saltwater corrosion
Leaves no oily residues or scents like other line treatments
Contains no polluting petroleum distillates as in other conditioners
Fights fading of tackle with high sunscreen
Reduces water spotting on electronics & sunglasses
Eliminates odors in confined spaces
Environmentally safe - non-toxic
Superior Fly Line Dressing
Unsurpassed performance in ice fishing
Please visit

Welcome to The Number One Source for Polarized Fishing Glasses!
Our Goal is for you to be as comfortable using our website as you are shopping at your local retailer or buying personally from us at a fishing show. Our products are selected to meet your needs as an angler, whether using a bifocal sunglass to tie that difficult knot, or using a foam lined glass for added eye protection. Each product will enhance your day on the water while you are enjoying your passion. Wearing proper polarized shades is like wearing fish finders for the eyes and as important as the right bait and tackle. You can find these high quality sunglasses on the web at